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You have not been forgotten, for your music still sings in my mind.

You have written your songs, words that come form the heart.

You have climbed a ladder that few would ever try to start.

No you have not been forgotten, I just needed to let you know.


I can still remember the day, when I came across a simple request

for someone to listen to your music and to please comment.

"Second Chances" was the song and when I heard it, all I wanted to

do was to put it on repeat so I could listen to it all day. I sat there and

I listened to it a few times, and each time I heard the song I fell deeper

into a day-dream of days long sense past. For I could only wish that I 

could of had a second chance many times. That song had so many meanings

to it and understanding that it became my #1 favorite song. Your voice is spell

binding and your singing has a way of pulling the listener into your music.

I said that music like this can only come from the heart, and the way your voice

amplifies the song, what can a person do but stop what they are doing and listen.


My reply to you was "WOW WOW"!!! what more can a person say. And that you

would go far with your music/singing/song writing. And I think you have done just that.

Every day I still listen to your music, and every day I catch myself day-dreaming.


Thank You JodiAnn  for your music, your song, your singing, your voice, and must of all

your friendship.












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