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I have been playing flat top guitar and singing since I was 11. When I get in a large group of people I get so nervous that my voice quivers when I try to sing. I have been told I am very good and have had audiences gather if I am singing somewhere. I need to get over my nerves or at least learn how to not let them show so maybe I can try and persue my dream of singing and recording bluegrass music.

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:) You May NEVER get over your fear. Not alot of performers do. BUT most learn how to handle it and make it work! Some performers, like Robin Williams, welcomes the fear and the nervousness! It bring more out of them! I have trouble with this too! My legs just start shaking and my voice trembles. That is when i usually do my best Dolly Parton imitation! Hahaha!! But then i remember to focus on the music and NOT my nerves. I remember that I am good and people want to hear my music. It's tough! But hang in there! You will learn how to cope! Everyone has their own method :)
like jodi said, you may never get over the fear but as you do sing more the fear is controlled my the reactions you get from the audience. The more you do it the easier it gets. Almost second nature so to say. Just learn to relax and enjoy the music and know that you are making others happy doing what you do.


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